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Japanese Online Course

Japanese online course

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Quest for Japanese Fluency LEVEL 1Quest for Japanese Fluency Level 1 CoverQuest for Japanese Fluency LEVEL 2Quest for Japanese Fluency Level 2
Hours of Lesson Time180180
3 Script Video Lessons14475
Interactive Games, Flash Cards and Quizzes11674
Grammar Notes with Video5951
Cultural Points3837
Practice Conversations with Audio3737
Written and Spoken Presentation Exercises1212
Downloadable Workbooks
(3 scripts & sentence structure)
30-day guarantee✔️✔️
Lifetime access✔️✔️
Certificate of Completion✔️✔️
Built-in Notetaking App✔️✔️
Built-in Gradebook✔️✔️

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What Other Teachers Are Saying

Reviews from other teachers

"As one of the first Japanese teachers to pilot "Quest for Japanese Fluency", I cannot express enough how engaging, well-structured, and effective these courses are. The authors have extensive experience teaching Japanese as a second language and it clearly shows in these courses. The materials and layout of the courses are easy to navigate and engage students fully in all aspects of language learning. I highly recommend utilizing these texts in your World Language classroom."
Willian Chittenden IV
William A Chittenden IV
Secondary Japanese Teacher
"I developed the materials to fit the interests and needs of a typical student of Japanese living in the Midwest, US, who has little or no exposure to Japanese outside of the classroom. The online course keeps all students engaged regardless of motivation level, and all of the materials are all in one place. My students have even won state competitions with these courses as their foundational study materials. I am thrilled to be able to offer them to other teachers."
Molly Adkins
Secondary Japanese Teacher & "Quest" co-author
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