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Overview of Quest for Japanese Fluency


Quest for Japanese Fluency Levels 1 & 2 is a unique Japanese online course that introduces Japanese culture as a foundation to studying the Japanese language for pre-college students (teens and young adults). The manga-style illustrations depict a group of students from around the world who are studying at a high school in Japan. The content of this course is the equivalent one studying Japanese for one school year at the secondary level, or two semesters at the university level. 

The Quest for Japanese Fluency is a self-paced course for motivated students who prefer to move at their own pace through the material. Even though the course is not taught explicitly in a class-format, one of the co-authors of the course will be available on a Zoom call for questions twice a month. You will receive a link to the Zoom call in the email used to register for this course.

This Live Zoom call is for students to ask questions about sentence structure, writing, pronunciation, etc., as well as get feedback regarding any of the projects inside the course. You are expected to ask pin-pointed questions about the Japanese lessons or projects.

All of automatically-graded quizzes in the course are required for it to be considered complete. At the end of the course, successful students will receive a Certification of Completion.

Prep for AP® Japanese or University Placement Testing

In addition to learning Japanese for personal enjoyment, both levels of Quest for Japanese Fluency create a solid foundation for students who are preparing to take the Advanced Placement ® (AP® ) Japanese Test in high school or a university placement test. The two courses combined are approximately the same as two semesters at a university. The six theme-based units which correlate with the six themes suggested by the College Board for Advanced Placement ® (AP® ) World Language and Culture courses.

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