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Quest for Japanese Fluency Level 1 Cover

Quest for Japanese Fluency 1 [Teacher-led]

Learn Japanese in an online classroom environment with a teacher and other students.

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    What Our Students Are Saying

    Reviews from our students

    "Keiko Kuriyama is a great teacher! If you ever have questions , she takes the time to educate you and ensures that you grow in your Japanese speaking capabilities. She always has a positive attitude when teaching and has made me feel confident while learning a second language. As someone who uses Japanese on a daily basis, Keiko Kuriyama is the main reason for my success in my career!"
    Aimee M.
    Aimee M.
    "I really enjoyed Kuriyama sensee’s energy in presenting the course information. She presents everything clearly, while making it interesting and fun enough to be memorable."
    Michael M.
    Michael M.
    "The content of the courses was very in-depth and went over many useful topics. The holidays unit [level 2] was by far one of my favorites and even though it was a lot to remember it was very interesting and fun to learn about."
    Foster O.
    Foster O.
    "The content is very useful if you were to go to Japan. Trust me, I was there and it would've been much more helpful to know those sentence structures."
    Nika Z.
    Nika Z.
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