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Intro Unit

Getting Started: Worksheet Submission

Worksheet Submission Throughout this unit you have completed on the kanji worksheet and grammar workbook.  Upload them to the assignment below. 

[L1] Getting Started: Basic Classroom Expressions Activity

In pairs, one student will say the phrase and the other will act it out. Then they will switch roles. Note that when asking permission to go to the restroom, the partner should answer with either「はい」/ha-i/ (yes) or 「いいえ」 /i-i-e/ (no). 

Getting Started: Class Leader

In this lesson, you will learn about the Japanese classroom and how students are involved in the classroom in Japan. High school students in Japan stay in the same classroom throughout the day, while the teachers move from classroom to classroom to teach their subjects.  Each day a student is designated as the class leader …

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Getting Started: Activity 1: A Brief History of Japanese Scripts

Read the article, and then answer the comprehension questions about Japanese scripts. The world’s first novel which was written by Lady Murasaki Shikibu celebrated its 1000th birthday in 2008.  The novel,  源氏物語 /ge-n-ji-mo-no-ga-ta-ri/ (Tale  of  Genji ),  was  written  in  the syllabic  writing  system  called ひらがな /hi-ra-ga-na/,  which  was  used  mostly  by  women.  Even before …

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