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Unit 2

Unit 2: Worksheet Submission

Worksheet Submission Throughout this unit you have completed on the kanji worksheet and grammar workbook.  Upload them to the assignment below. 

Unit 2: Project 2: Present About

My Daily Activities  You have created a visual of your daily activities with captions indicating the activity and time it happens. After your written presentation has been approved, practice speaking the presentation. When you feel ready, record your presentation and upload the file to the assignment below.  

Unit 2: Activity 3: Vocabulary

れんしゅう #1:Drag and drop the labels onto the school supplies in the illustration. れんしゅう #2:Choose the correct verb for the sentence to talk about Justin’s activities. New Word Bank あさごはん ばんごはん breakfast dinner れんしゅう #3:Match the activity with the illustration.

Unit 2: Activity 4: Listen

Adia’s Daily Schedule in Kenya れんしゅう: Adia is giving a presentation to her class about her daily schedule in Kenya. Then answer the questions based on the conversation. You may not know all of the words in the dialogue. Focus on what you do understand to answer the questions. New Word Bank みなさん かじをします バックパック everyone …

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Unit 2: Lesson 1: Asking for the Time

EQ: What is the typical lifestyle of the Japanese high school student? Starting Points counter じ for telling time Some phrases in Japanese, such as すみません, have a different usage than their English equivalent phrase. すみません can mean both ‘excuse me’ and ‘I am sorry’. When you are trying to get someone’s attention such as …

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