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Unit 3

Unit 3: Worksheet Submission

Worksheet Submission Throughout this unit you have completed on the kanji worksheet and grammar workbook.  Upload them to the assignment below. 

Unit 3: Project 2: Present About

Japanese Traditional Sport or Music  You have written a paragraph about a traditional Japanese sport or music.   After your written paragraph has been approved, practice reading it aloud. When you feel ready, record your voice and upload the file to the assignment below.  

Unit 3: Lesson 1: Asking about club activities

EQ: How is “individuality” defined in Japan? Starting Points こ・そ・あ・ど words the question word “which” After school, students in Japan participate in after-school club activities, which range from sports to fine arts. Popular clubs include baseball, soccer as well as traditional Japanese sports such as kendo and karate. Fine arts activities include brass band, choir, …

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[L1] Unit 3: Project: Present About a Classmate

Using the information that you learned from the interview in Project 1, tell a different partner what you found out.  Record your report to your partner and upload the file below. Use the following sentence structure. Remember that it is not necessary to repeat the subject of the sentence if it is already understood. __________さんは_____が好きです。でも、_____が好きじゃないです。etc.

[L1] Unit 3: Project: Interview a Classmate

Interview your Partner about their Likes and Dislikes Ask your partner about スポーツ(すぽーつ)、おんがく、えいが、本、食べもの and 飲みもの. Find out what kinds of things your partner likes or dislikes, and write your partner’s answers on the chart. Then submit a scan of your paper below. Dialogue Outline: A:         どんな ____________ が好きですか。 B:         __________ が好きです。 …

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