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Unit 3

Unit 3: Project Warm Up

There are two reading activities. Be sure to complete both. Reading Practice #1: Conversation about Sport Clubs れんしゅう #1: Read the conversation between Akari and Odette. Then answer the comprehension questions below. あかり:          オデット(オデット)さん、テニス(てにす)部はどうですか。 オデット:      テニス部ですか。テニス部はおもしろいです。 あかり:          そうですか。 オデット:      あかりさん、けんどう部はどうですか。 あかり:      […]

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Unit 3: Activity 4: Listen

Discussion about Music れんしゅう: Listen to the conversation of Akari and Phillip, who are talking about the kinds of music they and their friends like. Then answer the comprehension question below. You will match the student with the type of music he or she likes based on the conversation. Each student likes two types of

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Unit 3: Activity 2: Listen

Club Activities at School れんしゅう: The students are talking about different club activities offered in their Japanese school. Look at the three illustrations and then listen to the three dialogues. Then complete the comprehesion question below. Illustration A Illustration B Illustration C Dialogue #1: Dialogue #2: Dialogue #3: [letsbox dir=”126407327631″ mode=”audio” include=”746358721106″ viewrole=”administrator|author|contributor|editor|subscriber|guest” downloadrole=”all” hideplaylist=”1″

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