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Unit 5

Unit 5: Worksheet Submission

Worksheet Submission Throughout this unit you have completed on the kanji worksheet and grammar workbook.  Upload them to the assignment below. 

Unit 5: Project 2: Present About

Self Description  You have created a description of your facial features and fashion style in the previous project.  After your assignment has been approved, practice your sentences aloud. When you feel ready, record your voice and upload the file to the assignment below.  

Unit 5: Project Warm Up

My Friend’s Fashion れんしゅう: Odette is introducing her friend’s favorite fashion.  Read the information and then answer the comprehension questions below. New Word Bank (marked in blue font in the reading passage) ともだち めがね タイツ だから でも friend glasses tights therefore but ともだちが好きなファッション これは私のともだちのアシュリーさんです。アシュリーさんはかおがまるいです。そして、目が大きいです。かみが長くないです。そして、たいていめがねをかけます。 アシュリーさんは、ロリータ系ファッションが大好きです。だから、よくかわいいワンピースを着ます。そして、かわいいタイツとくつをはきます。でも、ぜんぜんジーンズをはきません。

Unit 5: Activity 4: Listen

Heian Era Beauties れんしゅう: Listen to the conversation between Justin and his teacher about へいあん時代の美人. Then answer the comprehension questions below. New word bank むかし りゅうこう ちがいます olden days trend different from

Unit 5: Activity 3: Vocabulary

れんしゅう: First, practice the pronunciation of each word. Once you feel comfortable with the new words, do the activity below.

Unit 5: Activity 2: Listen

School Fashion Show れんしゅう: You are at a student fashion show at their school produced by the Textiles and Design class. The MC is explaining the different fashions as the students model the outfits. Identify the order in which the students appear based on the descriptions you hear.   A: コンサバ系 B: ロリータ系 C: ロック系 …

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Unit 5: Activity 1: Vocabulary

れんしゅう: Below is an illustration depicting the different verbs used in Japanese meaning “to wear.” Practice pronouncing the verbs and clothing words aloud. Then,  drag and drop the clothing item to the ‘to wear’ verb that is used with that item.

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