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Unit 6

Unit 6: Worksheet Submission

Worksheet Submission Throughout this unit you have completed on the kanji worksheet and grammar workbook.  Upload them to the assignment below. 

Unit 6: Project 2: Present About

An International Friend  You have interviewed a friend and compiled the information in a paragraph in the previous project.  After your assignment has been approved, practice your sentences aloud. When you feel ready, record your voice and upload the file to the assignment below.  

Unit 6: Project 1: Write About

An International Friend Interview a friend. If possible, interview someone from another country. Find out where they are from (city and country), the languages they speak with friends and with family members, and where they lived 10 years ago. In addition, ask them about the types of food the eat, where they went during the …

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Unit 6: Project Warm Up

My Friend れんしゅう: Akari interviewed an international student in her high school to introduce in class.  Read あかりさん’s script for the presentation and answer the comprehension questions. New Word Bank (marked in blue font in the reading passage) トライリンガル こうえん trilingual park 私の友だち こちらはヘバさんです。ヘバさんは エジプトのカイロから 来ました。ヘバさんは エジプト人です。そしてアラビア語と えい語と 日本語を 話します。トライリンガルです。 十年まえ、ヘバさんは カイロに いました。ヘバさんは 7さいでした。ヘバさんは カイロで まいにち エジプトりょうりを 食べました。 たいてい とうもろこしの りょうりでした。 そして、よくカイロで りょうしんと かいものを しました。それから、よくこうえんで 友だちとあそびました。

Unit 6: Activity 4: Listen

The Weekend れんしゅう: Odette and Ravi are talking about what they did last weekend. Listen to the conversations and answer the comprehension questions. #1 #2

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