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Unit 1: Project Warm Up

Akari’s Family Photo れんしゅう /re-n-shu-u/: Read the information about Akari’s extended family. Then answer the questions below based on the information. New Word Bank おじいさん おばあさん だいがく いぬ /o-ji-i-sa-n/ /o-ba-a-sa-n/ /da-i-ga-ku/ /i-nu/ (someone else’s) grandfather (someone else’s) grandmother university dog

Unit 1: Activity 1: Vocabulary

EQ: How is ‘family’ defined in Japan? Akari’s Family Tree Japanese family trees may be written differently than in your own country. Though there is no official format to write family trees in Japan, the following rules are generally followed. Married couples are connected with a double line. The husband is placed on the right …

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