46 Basic Hiragana

Hiragana is one of three scripts used in Japanese and consists of 46 characters. The other two scripts are katakana and kanji. Katakana are used for loan words and onomatopoeia. Kanji are characters that are originally used in the Chinese language. れんしゅう /re-n-shu-u/ Practice : Listen to each line by clicking on the recordings on page […]

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Hiragana: Glides

Glides are contracted sounds which are formed by adding a small や /ya/, ゆ /yu/ or よ /yo/ after a character with a consonant end with an /i/ sound . Listen to each line by clicking on the audio below the chart. While listening, read each hiragana glide combination and repeat after the speaker. 1:

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Hiragana: Voiced Sounds

Adding dakuten or han-dakuten after certain hiragana indicates that the consonant will be voiced. Dakuten, or colloquially ten-ten, are two lines that look similar to a quotation mark. Han-dakuten, or colloquially maru, is a small circle. They are placed in the right upper corner of the character. Listen to each line by clicking on the

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