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School events

[L2] Unit 2: Project Warm-up

Text Message れんしゅう: Read the text message between Akari and Heba, then answer the comprehension questions below.

[L2] Unit 2: Activity 2: Listen

School Announcements れんしゅう: Listen to the announcements about the school events and answer the comprehension questions below. New Word Bank: れんらく Message, contact がんばってください Good luck. Do your best. Announcement 1 Announcement 2

[L2] Unit 2: Activity 1: Vocabulary

れんしゅう: Read about the events that take place throughout the Japanese school year. Then take the comprehension quiz based on the timeline.

Unit 2: Lesson 2: Find the approximate start and end time of an event

EQ: In what ways do Japanese schools build community? Lesson Goals In this lesson, you will learn how to say an approximate time for when an event or activity begins and ends. 文化祭(ぶんかさい・Culture Festival(s)) are annual events held at middle and high schools throughout Japan. At the festivals, students’ learning is on display in each …

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Unit 3: Activity 2: Listen

Club Activities at School れんしゅう: The students are talking about different club activities offered in their Japanese school. Look at the three illustrations and then listen to the three dialogues. Then complete the comprehesion question below. Illustration A Illustration B Illustration C Dialogue #1: Dialogue #2: Dialogue #3:

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