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Unit 4: Project 2: Present About

A Science Museum in Japan  You have created a poster about a Japanese science museum.  Use the information to complete the information in the sentences below. If the Japanese name of the museum shop and café are unknown, write them in English.  Practice your sentences aloud. When you feel ready, record your voice and upload …

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[L2] Unit 4: Activity 4: Listen

Conversation about School Computers れんしゅう: Every student at Justin‘s school in Japan was supplied with a personal computer to use for schoolwork. Justin and his homestay father are discussing the features of the computer. Listen to the dialogue and answer the comprehension questions below.

[L2] Unit 5: Project 1: Write about

For this activity, you are creating a series of yon-koma manga (four-framed comic) for the school newspaper in Japan. The audience of the manga are international students who are new to Japan. The objective is to show the international students different customs regarding visiting Japanese homes. Use the following criteria to create your manga. Submit …

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[L2] Unit 4: Project 2: Present about

For this activity, imagine you are presenting your robot (from Project 1) at a competition for Robotics Club. State the type of robot that you designed, and then explain the different actions it can do. Remember to practice what you will say several times before submitting your audio recording.

[L2] Unit 4: Project Warm-up

Robot Exhibition at a Techonology Museum れんしゅう: Heba and Aida are visiting a robot exhibition at a technology exhibition in Tokyo. They are learning about what modern robots can do. Read the information on the signs and answer the comprehension questions below. New Word Bank (marked in blue font in the reading): ぎょうじ てんごく にています …

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