Waiver Acknowledgement

By enrolling in this course, parent/guardian acknowledges that the course may include chatting and virtual breakout sessions, some of which may include only student participants interacting without course instructors’ continuous monitoring. Parent/guardian acknowledges that he/she/they is/are responsible for supervising his/her/their child’s participation in this online course. Parent/guardian hereby release and waives all claims and causes of action against Sekai Press LLC, including its agents, arising from or related to his/her/their child’s participation in this course. In addition, by enrolling in this course, students are acknowledging that they will follow the expectations as outlined in the Code of Conduct below. Any inappropriate behavior as deemed by the instructor or Sekai Press LLC may result in removal from the course without a refund. 

Code of Conduct
  • Students are expected to arrive on time and stay for the entire class. If you cannot attend the class, please notify your instructor immediately.
  • Students are expected to have their cameras on with a virtual background during class time. If you need assistance with adding a background to your account, please discuss this with your instructor.
  • Students will have their mics turned off unless they are asked to speak or have been called on for a question. If you are unable to use your mic for a class, please inform the teacher immediately.
  • If a student has a question outside of class time, the student may send a chat message to the instructor within the course. All messages should be polite and written in complete sentences with specific questions about the content of the lesson.
  • In most classes, students will engage in speaking practice random partners in breakout sessions within the online meeting. While in the breakout sessions, the students will practice in a timely fashion without unnecessary discussion. All students will be polite, encouraging and supportive of each other during the breakout sessions.  Any inappropriate behavior should be reported to the instructor immediately.
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